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Our Customers

BELFOR Environmental response teams have the broad knowledge and experience required to quickly implement the most efficient strategy for any evironmental challenge, regardless of industry.

Our service mix by industry is comprehensive and targeted. For example:

  • Transportation - Motor Freight, Bulk Transporter, Railroad, Airline, Ocean/Ship Line

  • Manufacturing - Chemical, Aerospace Assembly, Food Production, Pulp/Paper, Semiconductor, Biopharma, Mining

  • Consultants - Engineering, Architectural

  • Insurance - Insurance Companies, Adjusters

  • Real Estate - Realtors, Property Owners, Property Managers

  • Utilities - Electric, Gas

  • Telecommunications - Phone, Cable

  • Waste Management - Hazardous, Industrial, Broker

  • Petroleum - Petro/Chemical, Pipeline

  • Education - University, Primary, Secondary

  • Health/Medical - Hospitals, Clinics

  • Government - Federal, State, County, Municipality, Special District

EPA ID #C0R000202473
USDOT #744493

Specialized Markets

We offer specialized services for the railroad and transportation/trucking industries.

Derailments, Hi-Rail Vacuum Services, Leaking Tank Car Response, Fuel Releases, Product Transfers, Tank Car Repair, Asbestos and Lead Abatement

guzzler-boom    railroad-product-transfer

anhydrous-transfer    train-derailment

Truck Crashes, Leaking Tankers, Fuel Releases, Product Transfers, Load Shifts, Leaking Containers, Asbestos and Lead Abatement

fuel-spill-cleanup    fuel-transfer

load-shift    truck-in-river