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Semiconductor Support Services

BELFOR Environmental provides several services specific to the semiconductor, hi-tech and solar industries, including full decommissioning, selective demolition, in-plant services such as facility decontamination, tool decontamination, and asset recovery.

BELFOR Environmental has performed fab decontamination, decommissioning and demolition projects for prominent and large fabs on the East Coast, Texas, West Coast and Asia. We provide any repair or remediation needed to bring the property to marketable condition.

Cost analysis, waste management, scheduling, asset management, recycling, construction phasing, and final reporting are all project management components that BELFOR Environmental performs

Full Decommissioning

BELFOR Environmental provides full turn-key contracting services to selectively demolish production lines and systems (chemical delivery, exhaust, drains, toxic gas delivery), decontaminate facility (analyze and remove surface contamination), close permitted facility support systems (waste water treatment plants or exhaust abatement systems) and delivery of a final report or closure documentation to mitigate pollution liability resulting from a vacancy or property transfer.

Semiconductor facility decommissioning by BELFOR Environmental

Selective Demolition

BELFOR Environmental also provides selective demolition as specified by a customers need to partially remove systems or clear areas in phases to accommodate staggering shut down schedules or to avoid critical business interruption. Removal of tanks, cleaning or removal of scrubber systems, re-routing of utilities or any change to a production line that requires partial demolition and decontamination.

In-Plant Services

We employ full-time, 40-HAZWOPER trained technicians with direct experience in the semiconductor facility environment to enhance or augment staffing. Our technicians work every day at the facility acting as Emergency Response Technicians for unplanned spills, provide spot decontamination, assist with maintenance activities involving hazardous chemicals, operate as waste managers and other day-to-day tasks. This program offers relief to our customers that have employees burdened with extra duties that often take away from their primary function of productivity.

Tool Decontamination

BELFOR Environmental and BELFOR Technical Services partner as a cohesive unit to ensure tool decontamination, disconnecting, shipping with applicable documentation is integrated into any type of project involving tooling within a semiconductor facility.

Asset Recovery

A primary function for any decommissioning project to compliantly manage all waste streams and to evaluate all options for efficiency. Using existing abatement systems and waste water treatment facilities during decommissioning reduces disposal costs and environmental impact. BELFOR Environmental focuses on decontaminating components to recyclable material and recovering assets for re-use or sale which often delivers financial efficiency while minimizing waste.