800-930-0011 24-Hour Emergency Hotline

Railroad Services

From an emergency response to accidents and derailments to safe and secure product transfers, BELFOR Environmental provides specialized services for the railroad industry.

BELFOR Environmental has responded to more than 100 derailments in the Rocky Mountain West and Pacific Northwest. Environmental cleanup of pollution and contaminated areas is handled by highly trained technicians who are experienced with the most difficult challenges on and around the rail. In these situations, we are contacted directly by Class 1 and Class II Railroads.

Other railroad services include:

  • Leaking Tank Cars
  • Fuel Releases
  • Product Transfers
  • Load Shifts
  • Leaking Containers
  • Asbestos, Lead and Mold Abatement
  • Intermodal Response
  • Remediation of Historical Contaminated Rail Sites
  • Industrial Cleaning of Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • On-Track O&M Cleaning of Ballast With Vacuum Trucks
  • Decontamination and Demolition of Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Transportation and Disposal of Waste


BELFOR Environmental cleans sulfur spill after train derailment


Specialized Training

BELFOR Environmental teams receive specialized training including:

  • Emergency Response Derailment Training
  • Railroad Contractor Training
  • On-Track Safety Training

Our teams hold Emergency Response Tank Car Certification and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Security Clearance.

Through experience and unmatched resources, BELFOR Environmental works to respond quickly, remediate the problem and restore service to the rail. To schedule railroad services, call BELFOR Environmental at 1-800-930-0011.