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Health & Safety

BELFOR Environmental is committed to ensuring a safe work environment for our employees and clients. Our Health and Safety Programs support our beliefs that all injuries are preventable. Our commitment to safety permeates all elements of our operations in a “top down/bottom up” philosophy that extends 360 degrees.

We develop and execute site-specific Safety and Health Plans to eliminate or mitigate hazards at our job sites. Our Programs provide direction and defines key policies and procedures for identification, evaluation and control of health and safety hazards. We insist on mandatory Project Manager and Site Superintendent Safety training followed with competency testing. A Medical Monitoring Program is in place, using annual physical exams to track the health and fitness of our employees. We offer continuing education and training to all our project personnel.

Well-defined, detailed written procedures are in place for all common hazardous operations, i.e. confined space, line breaking, hot work, etc. All these efforts focus on offering our clients well-trained personnel, safe work procedures and cost-effective production with a minimum of downtime.


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