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Pharma Pollution

In a world where the development of drugs and medication is critical to human health and disease prevention, the pharmaceutical industry is faced with on-going environmental challenges.

The risks associated with pharmaceutical ingredients in the environment are of great concern to many. Waste – or pharma pollution – can contaminate water and food sources when released during the manufacturing process. Pharma pollution can also be caused by the unsafe disposal and use of medications.

While the pharmaceutical industry is charged with reducing the risks associated with pharmaceuticals in the environment, the manufacturing process is not always fail-proof. Waste released into the environment through the manufacturing process must be closely managed and mitigated immediately.

BELFOR Environmental Pharmaceutical Services

Any type of disaster – whether it be waste from the manufacturing process or damage to a facility from fire, water or storms - can have a serious and detrimental effect on the vital functions of the pharmaceutical industry. From short-term disruptions to major mechanical problems, BELFOR Environmental can help manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies regain their strength after a disaster.

We understand the importance of not only protecting the environment but also maintaining product integrity, minimizing business disruptions, safeguarding research efforts, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

BELFOR Environmental offers a variety of services to help pharmaceutical clients manage environmental waste including:


Pharmaceutical lab

Experience and Compliance

BELFOR Environmental teams routinely work in cleanroom environments and are well equipped and trained to meet the unique protocols and standard required for such work. Our teams are trained to comply with all local, state and federal regulations, including codes enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and others.


BELFOR Environmental is a division of BELFOR Holdings, Inc., the worldwide leader in disaster recovery services. All BELFOR companies accept a special obligation to the environment and its protection. For this reason, we always apply the most environmentally-friendly and lowest-impact restoration methods available. Our companies comply with all national and international environmental protection laws. At BELFOR, we are RESTORING MORE THAN PROPERTY™.


When facing environmental mitigation, the pharmaceutical industry can count on BELFOR Environmental to be their industrial-sized prescription. For pharmaceutical services, call BELFOR Environmental at 1-800-930-0011.