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Site Remediation Services

When you are faced with contamination from pollutants or contamination at your site – whether it be in the soil, groundwater, sediment, surface water, or other source – protecting the environment, assets and public health is critical.

BELFOR Environmental provides professional site remediation services – the removal of such contaminants – with minimal business disruption and complete discretion. We are able to perform any size project, from mass excavation of contaminated soil to the removal of a small underground storage tank.

Our site remediation services include:

Our trained technicians are able to assess and investigate the site to determine if the levels of hazardous substances have or are in imminent danger of being released, causing danger to public health or the environment. In doing so, they are able to recommend the safest and most cost-effective solution for site remediation.

All of our site remediation projects are handled in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.

underground storage tank removal

Storage Tank Removal

Both underground and above ground storage tanks often leak, causing significant environmental contamination. For the removal of these tanks, property owners can trust BELFOR Environmental.

Our professional environmental cleaning teams have removed countless numbers of storage tanks, pipes and pumps. We have the experience, equipment and know-how to safely remove and dispose of the tanks and contamination.

Contaminated Soil Excavation

When hazardous contaminants are buried, spilled or have migrated into the soil, BELFOR Environmental can help. From a small patch of contaminated soil to thousands of acres, BELFOR Environmental is experienced in the excavation, treatment and disposal of contaminated soil.

oil contaminated soil removed by BEFLOR Environmental

Treatment Systems

BELFOR Environmental provides treatment system remediation services including system installation, modifications and upgrades to existing treatment systems, and routine system operation and maintenance services. Our experience ranges from small to complex soil remediation projects and treatment systems.

Remedial Construction

Remedial construction projects can be more than challenging for smaller contractors. At BELFOR Environmental, we welcome the opportunity to effectively manage larger projects.

Our managers have successfully handled large, long-term projects from the design phase through completion. We offer a turnkey system of environmental management including:

  • Coordination Between Client and Project Team Construction Cost Estimating
  • Cost Schedule
  • Cost Control and Progress Tracking
  • Procurement
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Waste Tracking
  • Data Flow Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Support


BELFOR Environmental is a division of BELFOR Holdings, Inc., the worldwide leader in disaster recovery services. All BELFOR companies accept a special obligation to the environment and its protection. For this reason, we always apply the most environmentally-friendly and lowest-impact restoration methods available. Our companies comply with all national and international environmental protection laws. At BELFOR, we are RESTORING MORE THAN PROPERTY™.


If you need remediation services at your facility or on your property, call BELFOR Environmental at 1-800-930-0011.




Denver, Colorado

In 1929, Denver celebrated the opening of its first municipal airport which eventually became known as Stapleton International Airport. The airport served the greater Denver area and served as a hub for several large carriers for more than 66 years.

Stapleton was closed in 1995 and decommissioned after the Denver International Airport opened. About 4,700 acres of airport property is being redeveloped into a major retail and residential neighborhood.

BELFOR Environmental played a key role in the redevelopment project by:

  • Remediating 50,000 cubic yards of non-friable asbestos building debris and contaminated soil;
  • Remediating 500 cubic yards of friable asbestos-contaminated soil;
  • Remediating 1,300 cubic yards of soil contaminated by aviation jet fuel.

Stapleton CO contaminated soil project