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Semiconductor Safety Services

BELFOR Environmental provides several services specific to the semiconductor industry, including tool decontamination, facility decontamination, process systems removal, complete demolition, in-plant maintenance services and final clearance reporting for real estate transactions.

BELFOR Environmental has performed fab decontamination, decommissioning and demolition projects for prominent and large fabs on the East Coast, Texas, West Coast and Asia. We provide characterization of the facility and any repair or remediation needed to bring the property to marketable condition.

Cost analysis, waste management, scheduling, asset management, recycling, construction phasing, and final reporting are all project management components that BELFOR Environmental performs for the scheduled decommissioning semiconductor industry.

Training & Resources

It is important to have a contractor that has a track record of operating safely and compliantly within the semiconductor industry, secured to perform your scope of work. All decommissioning, and dismantling work is done in accordance with all safety rules and regulations.

Our personnel are HAZWOPER trained and experts in environmental remediation and decontamination. Our equipment includes excavators, power and pressure washers, and other necessary tools.